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Magazine Articles

[M19]. Adyasha Mohanty and Grace Gao, High-Precision Positioning with Smartphone Measurements: Learning GNSS Positioning Corrections using Graph Convolution Neural NetworksInside GNSS Magazine, May-June 2023. [pdf]

[M18]. Daniel Neamati, Sriramya Bhamidipati and Grace Gao, No Signal is also a Signal: A Set-Based Urban Positioning ParadigmInside GNSS Magazine, Mar-Apr 2023. [pdf]

[M17]. Sriramya Bhamidipati, Tara Mina and Grace Gao, Lunar Navigation: A Case-Study AnalysisInside GNSS Magazine, Nov-Dec 2022. Cover Story. [pdf]

[M16]. Akshay Shetty and Grace Gao, GPS-Lidar Fusion with 3D City ModelsGPS World Magazine, Sep 2017. Cover Story. [pdf]

[M15]. Yuting Ng and Grace Gao, Position Estimation Using Non-Line-of-Sight GPS signalsGPS World Magazine, Mar 2017. [pdf]

[M14]. Sriramya Bhamidipati, Yuting Ng and Grace Gao, Multi-Receiver GPS-Based Direct Time Estimation for PMUsInside GNSS Magazine, Jan-Feb 2017. Cover Story[pdf]

[M13]. Liang Heng, Athindran Ramesh Kumar and Grace Gao, GPS Confidential: Enabling Proximity Detection While Preserving Location PrivacyInside GNSS Magazine, Sep-Oct 2015. [pdf]

[M12]. Eliot Wycoff, Yuting Ng and Grace Gao, Python GNSS Receiver: An Object-Oriented Software Platform Suitable for Multiple ReceiversGPS World Magazine, Feb 2015. [pdf]

[M11]. Liang Heng, Daniel Chou and Grace Gao, Reliable GPS-Based Timing for Power Systems: A Multi-Layered, Multi-Receiver ArchitectureInside GNSS Magazine, Nov-Dec  2014. [pdf]

[M10]. Liang Heng, Daniel B. Work and Grace Gao, Reliability from Unreliable Peers: Cooperative GNSS AuthenticationInside GNSS Magazine, Sep-Oct 2013. [pdf]

[M9]. Sam Pullen and Grace Gao, GNSS Jamming in the Name of Privacy: Potential Threat to GPS AviationInside GNSS Magazine, Mar-Apr 2012. [pdf]

[M8]. Liang Heng, Grace Gao, Todd Walter and Per Enge, Digging into GPS integrity: Charting the evolution of signal-in-space performance by data mining 400,000,000 navigation messages, GPS World, vol. 22, no. 11, pp. 44–49, Nov 2011. [pdf]

[M7]. Grace Gao, Liang Heng, Todd Walter and Per Enge, Breaking the Ice: Navigation in the ArcticInside GNSS Magazine, Sep-Oct 2011. [pdf]

[M6]. R. Eric Phelts, Grace Gao, Gabriel Wong, Liang Heng, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Stefan Erker, Steffen Thoelert and Michael Meurer, Aviation Grade, New GPS Signals Chips Off the Block IIFInside GNSS Magazine, Jul-Aug 2010. [pdf]

[M5]. Steffen Thoelert, Steffen Erker, Michael Meurer, Liang Heng, Eric Phelts, Grace Gao, Gabriel Wong, Todd Walter and Per Enge, On the Air, New Signals from the First GPS IIF SatelliteInside GNSS Magazine, Jul-Aug 2010. Cover Story. [pdf]

[M4]. Grace Gao, Liang Heng, David De Lorenzo, Sherman Lo, Dennis Akos, Alan Chen, Todd Walter, Per Enge and Bradford Parkinson, Modernization Milestone: Observing the First GPS Satellite with an L5 PayloadInside GNSS Magazine, May-Jun 2009. [pdf]

[M3]. Grace Gao, Dennis Akos, Todd Walter and Per Enge, GIOVE-B on the Air: Understanding Galileo's New SignalsInside GNSS Magazine, May-Jun 2008. [pdf]

[M2]. Grace Gao, Alan Chen, Sherman Lo, David De Lorenzo and Per Enge, GNSS over China: the Compass MEO Satellite CodesInside GNSS Magazine, Jul-Aug 2007. Cover Story. [pdf]

[M1]. Sherman Lo, Alan Chen, Per Enge, Grace Gao, Dennis Akos, Jean-Luc Issler, Lionel Ries, Thomas Grelier and Joel Dantepal, GNSS Album: Images and Spectral Signatures of the New GNSS SignalsInside GNSS Magazine, May-Jun 2006. Cover Story. [pdf]


[P2]. Grace Gao and David Varodayan, Method and Apparatus for Processing Signals, United States Patent 12/912,878.

[P1]. Hao Wang, Rongyao Fu, Song Song, Grace Gao, Zhe Xiang and Jian Huang, Apparatus and Method for Detecting Asset Position, United States Patent 200707309.